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Vintages available

• 2014

As said by wine professionals, the 2014 is a good vintage in Bordeaux, above the average. The story of this year was atypical and its happy ending make it interesting.

After a nice beginning of spring, the climate moved to a fresh one which postponed the flowering. The summer was a bit hard, a fresh July followed by a cold and wet August; this difficult climate asked us a specific monitoring of the vines to prevent the development of cryptogammic diseases, always under a reasoned viticulture.

Hopefully, September and October were particularly exceptional; hot, dry… which allowed to catch up the lack of maturity due to the previous freshness. This atypical climate for an end of summer allows us to harvest beautiful berries with serenity; very fruity merlot and exceptional cabernets, aromatic and concentrated.

This vintage can be qualified as miraculous because of its uncertain climate and its happy ending. Our 2014 is a fruity wine, with round tannins and a long & fresh final. A very nice vintage with a good aging capacity. The only negative point is the quantities which are too weak, only 40 000bt.

Nice to drink now, once aerated, or keep.

Selling price : 16 € Taxes included per bottle. 38€ Taxes included per magnum.

Awards :

Gold medal in the guide Gilbert&Gaillard guide (87/100), 87/100 in the DVE wines guide.

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• 2013

A complex year with a capricious weather, june 2013 is the most wet since 50 years, forced us to an increased following and more cares on the vines.It allows us to limit the loss on this atypical vintage, even if the production is very limited with only 18000 bottles, and to offer a pleasant wine and future interesting tastings.

Our 2013 is charactized by the freshness of its cherry & blackcurrant flavours and a hint of spices & undergrowth. A nice well-balanced wine, round and pleasant...

Drink now or keep it during 2/3 years.

Selling price : 15 € Taxes included per bottle.

Awards :

Gold medal in the guide Gilbert&Gaillard guide (87/100), 87/100 in the DVE wines guide.

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• 2012

In Bordeaux, each years are different which create different and interesting vintages. This is the case of the 2012 which returned to normality after a precocious 2011 vintage ; the flowering started one month later but was perturbed by heavy rainfalls in June. It caused a heterogeneous maturity of berries and required a specific monitoring against fungal diseases.

The good weather finally settled in August with very hot temperatures, which could have caused a difficult veraison. However, the terroir of the Petit Puch avoids to the vines to suffer too much and a beautiful September with soft and sunny days allowed to make up the lack of ripeness.

The harvests started the 6 to the 12 October: first with the Merlot which were harvested at a beautiful maturity, a guarantee to sweet fruit flavors and a nice roundness, then the Cabernet sauvignon, which were not too affected by the rainfalls of the beginning of October.

A special and individual monitoring of the vines with a drastic selection during the harvests allowed us to grab healthy and uniform matured fruits and provide you a beautiful 2012 vintage. Yields are a little bit limited but the Petit Puch 2012 will provide you a great experience with roundness, beautiful black fruits aromas, a hint of spices and well integrated woody notes.

Nice to drink now, once aerated, or keep.

Selling price : 17 € TTC Taxes included per bottle. Collecteor, Please contact us about availability

Awards :

étoile in the Hachette guide, coeur coeur coeur for Dussert Gerber, Gold medal in the Gilbert&Gaillard guide (86/100).

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