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Since the 14th...

The Gascon Records show that July 16, 1330 the noble man Elie du Puch is granted by Edward III of England the authorisation to build a castle on his land located "in parrochia sancti Germani di Podio" in the parish of Saint Germain du Puch. Elie died soon after, and the royal grant was renewed to the benefit of his successor Raymond, June 16, 1331.

But it is finally Gaillard du Puch, after a third grant in 1348 who built the fortress of Grand Puch, close to his "Noble House", more ancient mansion owned by the Lords of Puch who lived in Saint Germain since the 13th century.

The "Noble House" traditionally home of the Lord became distinct from the fortress, home of the garrison with more military purpose. Gaillard du Puch took the opportunity to reinforce its defenses and gave it an aspect close to one we know today.

At the conclusion of the French conquest, his distant successor Jean du Puch surrendered without conditions to the French crown.

...a 16th century wine tradition...

The Noble House of Petit Puch has a very ancient wine tradition as the presence of vine is demonstrated by documents dating back from the beginning of 16th century.

At the middle of this century the property is transferred by marriage to Joaquim de Segur, whose family planted during the following century the châteaux Lafite, Latour and Mouton in Pauillac, and later to Jean-Baptiste du Barry, brother in law of Louis XV 's mistress, who died there in 1797.

... and the story still goes on

The Meaudre de Lapouyade acquired it in 1805 and ran it till 1998.

This architectural masterpiece (property, vines and wine plant) was then completely renovated and the Le Proux de la Rivière family, originated from Bordeaux, bought it in 2004.

After an international career, these new winemakers born in Bordeaux gave a new start and a new dimension to this property.